Francesco- Italy

Rhys- United Kingdom

Olivia- United Kingdom

David - United States

It was my luck to come across Trading Minds programme as a beginner in trading. This programme has helped to shape my mindset to trade the proper way and save me from going to the wrong path. Even though I'm starting small, I'm able to profit from trading and confident to build my passive income. Not only that, I started to feel abundance in life. I'm happy to recommend this programme to more people especially those who are sufferring losses in trading, it would definitely help to uncover obstacles in your mind which blocked you towards success.


Sophia - United States

Big shoutout to Trading Minds team and their work! It was the best investment I ever made! I approached the stock market without any depth of understanding on how trading really works. When I first started trading the stock market about a year ago, all I knew was how to read the stock chart and use some basic indicators. No surprise, I was losing money all the way, this program taught me the power of my mind and how to handle my risk in a professional way. I have made back my course fee in the first month itself. Definitely recommend to every traders out there! There is so much more you do not know about your mind and about trading psychology!


Ethan - Canada

I wasn't aware that I was actually gambling in the stock market until I stumble upon this course, and I was slightly addicted to it. Needless to say, I lost quite a bit of money in the stock market. I wasn't sure what I was doing, I was like a blind man trying to figure a way out. This program was like a light to my darkness situation. After I learnt the correct way of viewing the stock market and how to manage my risk properly, I began to have control over myself and my trading. I no longer feeling fearful or excited when buying or selling a particular stocks like I used to have. Definitely would recommend to every trader especially those who trade impulsively. Finally, thank you for the trading minds team who never failed to answer my questions. I would like to say thank you for your support and the creation of this program.


Roan Smith - United States

I achieved success in trading very young as a self-taught trader. All the while I was focusing on knowledge and was "good enough" in both fundamental and technical skills, until a devasting drawndown hit me hard last year. My emotions went haywire and started to take trades irrationally, only to hoping to recover from the loss. I feel regret for not going through similar programme any time earlier, but at the same time grateful to finally came across this mind changing programme. Thanks Trading Minds for being helpful in bringing me up again, letting me to pick up the most important aspect in trading which is the mindset.


Mira - Germany

The impact of this mind transforming programme to my trading is indeed exceeding my expectation. Prior to attending the programme, I have never related or realized the importance of mind control to trading. It helps to remove unwanted emotions and instill the good ones in my subconscious mind. And after practicing for a while, everything became effortless. Without much emotions, I am able to say goodbye to roller coaster in my capital and starting to have a consistent growth.

Dean - United States

It is highly recommended for all traders to subscribe to Trading Minds Programme. I'm especially into the meditation practice which calm me down and prepare me for daily trading routines. Many reflections have been done, enabling me to pick out those mistakes I made unconsciously in trading. 


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