Still suffer after years of trading?
You might have missed out a

Psychology Blueprint!

How you think is how you act!

Powerful Mindset is responsible 

for 80% of your Trading Success


You’ve been to many classes  

You've tried many strategies


You think your trades will follow

what is backtested

or give you the expected results


But they seem to work only for a while 

and then fail.


Whenever you encounter a losing streak,


You're confused

whether to carry on with the trading strategy.


You're tired of

trying strategy to strategy.



Too often that you're

affected by your emotions

and failed to stay disciplined.


You enter trades that

your rational self would think it’s stupid.


You're frustrated with yourself!

Psychology Well-being

The Real Issue that 

90% of Traders Ignore


You're not alone.


90% of traders struggle to
make money consistently
Despite putting many efforts
spending countless hours
investing a large sum of money
Reason is
you’ve been searching for the wrong key!
You’ve been focusing on
trading strategy alone.
Do you know that
trading strategy only accounts for
10% of your trading success?
You're missing out
90% of what market requires
to generate consistent profit.
After interviewing many top-tier traders,
Jack D Schwager
the author of “Market Wizard”
concluded that
Trading Success
10% trading strategy
30% robust risk management system
60% trading psychology
While many people out there
telling you the “magical” trading strategies
Not many people in the industry
teach and emphasize on
the importance of risk management
and trading psychology
In fact
not many are capable of teaching it
You need to reach the state of mind
like a professional trader
It is not something which
can be done in a short period of time
or achieved by just reading books.
If it was that easy
everyone would have become a millionaire.

2 Ways to Achieve

Professional Traders State of Mind.


After streak of destructive losses

and experiencing a great deal of

emotional pains,


Some might encounter

a psychological barrier-breaking,

or an awakening moment when


they’re fully convinced that

they’re only as good as their trading plan.


Unfortunately, most give up

before they come to this moment.


In order to succeed, 

You must be able to endure through the pains

This is the first way.


The second way to overcome

the psychological barrier

is through mentoring or guidance


Get proper guidance from

someone who is more successful than you’re!


It helps shorten your journey to success,

save you from emotional distress

and increase your chances to become

a successful trader


However, only the lucky few

have the privilege

to learn under a proper guidance.

The Ultimate Solution for You!
It is a customized,
step-by-step guide
for you to breakout of current situation
What Does This Program Offer?

🌟 Top-tier trading psychology framework


🌟 Robust risk management strategy implemented by hedge fund managers


🌟 Essential trading knowledge


🌟 Proven ways to incorporate knowledge into your subconscious mind in as short as 30 days!


🌟 Proven methods in rewiring your subconscious mind which are also practiced by top achievers around the world.


How Will You Benefit From This Program?
Your body, mind, and soul will get to
work together to
achieve the trading success that you long for.
This programme will help to 
transform your gambler's mentality
to world-class trader’s mentality.
And it helps you to set the
right expectations to your trading result.
You will be able to
overcome your addiction to
gambling in the financial market.
Regardless of market conditions
You will find it easier to
maintain discipline and
follow through your trading plans
You will start to experience a
consistent and steady growth
of trading capital.
You will learn about
the secrets to trading success
that no one is telling you.
Trading can be much effortless and stress-free
You will be the master of your own finances
and not being tightened down to
the job that you hate.
Before & After Mind Transformation Program
Who Are We to offer you
this Blueprint to Success?
Trading Minds is formed by a group of traders
with over 20 years of trading experience &
survived through the first scenario.
We feel your pains, frustration
and helplessness as a trader
in search of the path to success.
We understand the feeling
when failure hit you over and over again
even after tons of hard work!
Back in those days,
we wish there were someone by our side
to teach us what we needed to know.
Thus, we are dedicated to
help traders like you to
dispose of your wrong mentality
and instil the right one.
After years of working with the top-tier traders
We’ve figured out the mindset and behaviour
needed to succeed in the market.
Knowing that knowledge alone is not enough,
We’ve been focusing on the research to
understand how the human brain function.
To our shocking surprise,
Human brains are not
naturally wired for trading success!
Human is naturally attached to emotions and
will respond to it.
This is a critical response that is
essential for human survival
in the past thousands of years.
However, this natural born skill turns out to be
your major stumbling block
between you and your trading success.
We won’t be selling you any indicator,
trading strategy or any signal services,
we know you have had enough of those.
This program is designed to
fix the “real issue” of trading -
Your mind!


How This Program Has
Benefited Our Students

Francesco - Italy

Rhys - United Kingdom

Olivia - United Kingdom

Mind Transformation Program
Consist of:
Trading Psychology Lesson
Advanced Risk Management Lesson
Rewiring Subconscious Mind Lesson
Weekly Resources Update
Exclusive Trading Minds Resources
Life Time Membership Access
 Coaching Access
Member Promo Code for upcoming Trading Minds Products
Total worth of the whole program = USD 1,165
Why is it worth USD 1,165?

Consider the quality of the product
you will receive:

1. The essence of more than 20 years of combined team experience that have spent in perfecting our skills.

2. The insights we have obtained after invested tens of thousands of dollar in attending various courses and expanding our knowledge.

3. Over 5 years of experience in learning and researching about the human brains, studying the most efficient way to rewire our subconscious mind.

4. The experience we have gotten after paying over a hundred thousands of “tuition fee” to the financial market.

5. Lifetime access and continuous product update with only a one-time fee.

How much do you think it would cost you
if you were to get mentorship from
another professional trader?

The range can be easily anywhere
from 5 thousand to 20 thousand dollars.

Our aim is to allow as many traders as possible
to gain access to our material,
especially for the youngster.
Hence, we decided to lower our selling price to USD 399.
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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!
"Successful people
of grab hold any opportunity when it appears.
Unsuccessful people
complain about their situation
and fear to act on opportunities came to their front."
"Successful people
acquire knowledge first,
luxury last.
Unsuccessful people
acquire luxury first,
knowledge last."
Success is reserved for someone
who is bold enough to risk it!
All you need perhaps is this
little push to close the gap
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