How Young Traders Can Succeed In Their 20s!

It is not easy to succeed in trading especially in young age.

Trading is both art and science. In order to succeed, one needs to master both. 

The advantage of a young trader is that they are able to learn the technical skill or knowledge (science) from the book more easily compared to the older one.

However, it also requires wisdom (art) to know the right time to do the right thing. Often, it is not that the younger traders do not know the right thing to do, but they do it at the wrong time. 

Wisdom often comes from experience and experience requires time to be accumulated. On average, a person is required to have 10,000 hours of practice before becoming an expert in trading, and that’s is a long process! 

Fortunately, there are ways to shorten this process, which is by borrowing and leveraging wisdom from someone who already acquired it. 

Find a mentor who already made it in trading, learn under their wings. This will save you a lot of pains, disappointments and time. However, this kind of people is not a common friend that everyone has. Not many have this privilege. 

If you are one of them fret not!  

Trading Minds exist for this very purpose, to share genuine advises experiences, knowledge and skills to anyone who has a need,
ataveryaffordable price.

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