8 Common Problems That 90 % of the Traders Face

There are a lot of obstacles are blocking the way for a trader to be successful. It is impossible to be successful without conquering them.

What are the obstacles that you are currently trying to overcome? Click on the obstacles below, and we will share with you what are the possible causes and our experiences on how to overcome them. (It’s Free)

1. Jumping into a trade too quickly. (Bad entry price or Wrong Setup)

2. Liquidating position too soon. (Lesser Profit)

3. Letting small losses turn into a big one. (Bigger Loss)

4. Taking trades that are not a high probability (Bad Win Rate)

5. Over-trading. (Over-risking)

6. Taking revenge on the market (Over-Risking)

7. Hesitation- Analysis Paralysis trading (Low Consistency)

8. Letting winners turn into losers.

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